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1. Bulk shipment of 25,000 MT of ferrous scrap metal to Turkey from Latin America, advising on trade finance. 
2. Bulk shipment of 10,000 MT of ferrous scrap to Turkey from ISRAEL, arranging finance and logistics.   
3. Shipment of 15,000 MT ( 600 TEU ) of seamless pipes to Mundra, arranging end to end logistics , trade finance. 
4. Shipment of 5,000 MT ( 200 TEU ) of ferrous scrap to Mundra, arranging end to end logistics & sales negotiations, arranging trade finance, bank instrument ( LC ).  
5. Shipment of 10,000 MT of loose ferrous scrap in barge to Kandla. 
6. Hope & Glory Event - Financing & Strategy ( planning & agency services ) for James Smitty Smith visit from Las Vegas to New Delhi.    
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